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Posted 17 February 2023

The end of BrixFest...for now

For ten years BrixFest has entertained thousands of people both in Torbay and beyond, with many travelling to the town to enjoy the festivities. At the heart of everything we have achieved in those ten years, is community. A true community-focused event at its core, BrixFest employed local people, pumped its money back into the local economy, and celebrated local talent and art. We are incredibly proud of all we have achieved together.


All good things come to an end. For a multitude of reasons, not least of which is the pandemic, it is no longer possible for BrixFest to continue. The committee would like to place on record its thanks to everyone who has contributed to the event over the years. The event has always needed contributions from local businesses, those who live in Brixham, many volunteers, and a whole tonne of good will. That's not to mention the support from local authorities including Torbay Council, Brixham Town Council, Brixham and Torbay Harbour Authority, and many more. 

While it may be very sad that the event cannot continue, we can at least bask in our former glory. When we think back on those 8 festivals we ran together, there are so many highlights. Our first event began with the Queen's Jubilee in 2012, and we celebrated in style with a huge street party stretching the length of Fore Street and onto the harbourside. In 2013 our live cooking demonstrations cemented themselves as a highlight, local chefs taking to the stage to cook in front of packed audiences. In 2014 the harbourside rocked with a vintage plane fly by and an even bigger street party, followed by a fantastic kid's day on Breakwater Beach - with thousands of children enjoying local arts, crafts, and theatre workshops.

In 2015 we grew our air display and featured the Yakovlev Display Team, plus a brand new firework provider stunned the bay with the best firework display we had seen in years. 2016's event introduced a formal Dragonboat Challenge, which became a mainstay - and the superb water jet ski demonstrations alongside our kid's day which continued to grow from strength to strength. In 2017 Andy Bush of Absolute Radio fame (and Brixhamite!) opened the event, followed by Mitch Tonks giving some local seafood demonstrations. The Brixham Heritage day was more successful than ever, and our Vintage Car Rally grew larger than ever too. 2018 delivered more of the same, with STUNNING weather.

2019 was the last official BrixFest festival to take place. It was undoubtedly our best ever. More professional, more fun, and more local people engaged than ever before.


This website will remain live until January 2024, at which point it will be deactivated. You can of course continue to 'follow' the social media accounts - though no new content will be posted unless there is important local news to be shared or the event is revived in future.

From everyone at BrixFest we wish you all the best for the future. We know that although this event is no more, Brixham's community is stronger than ever. Continue to be kind to each other, and celebrate the incredible place we live in - and the awesome people in it. 

Farewell for now...

The BrixFest Team




UPDATE: BrixFest 2021 Cancelled

Posted 20 February 2021

It is with great regret and much reluctance that we have to announce there will be no BrixFest 2021. 

In line with government guidelines and keeping people safe it is impossible to hold a real festival in Spring this year. 

We are seeing signs of recovery thanks to the effectiveness of the current lockdown and the vaccination programme, so we are truly hopeful that we will bring you an amazing BrixFest 2022.

It is with regret that we announce the cancellation of BrixFest 2020

Posted 19 March 2020

The BrixFest committee has been closely following the government advice regarding outbreak of Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) and, like everyone in the UK, are eager to adhere to whichever stipulations are put in place to ensure we limit the spread, flatten the curve, and reduce the number of people impacted by this disease.  


Given that our event historically attracts thousands of people from all over the country to join in the revelry on Brixham’s harbourside and that the original advice from the government predicts the peak of the outbreak is likely to be in May – we feel it would be irresponsible of us to do anything other than to cancel this event. With the recent government advice to avoid mass gatherings, this is, we feel, the best course of action. 

We are under no illusions. The impact the cancellation of this event will have on our local economy may be significant, especially given the wider context of the cancellation or postponement of other local, national and international events.

The original aim of BrixFest was to drive commerce for local businesses and ensure that while we celebrate Brixham’s history – we also contribute to its future. We’ve achieved this over the past eight years by spending thousands of pounds on local musicians, food providers and other suppliers. It breaks our hearts that this year, we’re unable to do the same.  


There is an argument that suggests by the time May comes around, this outbreak may be curbed and the ban on mass gatherings lifted. We understand that cancelling this event over two months in advance may seem extreme. However, for the long-term financial security of the event, we must make this decision now and act swiftly to ensure we are able to return in 2021.  

Speaking of 2021 – we are committed to returning next year between 28 – 31 May. We have contacted all of our musicians and suppliers for 2020 and have asked them to agree to return for us next year. We appreciate that this will be of little comfort to our suppliers who will have lost revenue this year.  

If you live somewhere else and were planning on coming down to Brixham for BrixFest…It’s difficult for us to suggest anything other than to follow government advice. If we could, we would recommend you keep your hotel bookings and dinner reservations. Our local economy is much stronger than just one event – but relies on visitors to the area. If it’s safe to do so and the government advice changes thus, we know that Brixham would still welcome you with open arms.

If you live in or around Brixham… you know, we’re all about community – and there is no better community we can think of than that of Brixham. Be kind to each other. Help each other. Support each other through this difficult, uncertain and unprecedented time. 


Above all we want to thank everyone for their support over the past eight years of festivals. We will deliver the ninth event…eventually!  


Good luck to everyone and take care, both of yourself and others and please stay safe. 

The BrixFest Team x

BrixFest: The Movie!

The team at Emberlense Film Productions have done the impossible, and somehow managed to sum up the entire weekend in one 10 minute video.

Give it a watch on your left. 3 photographers captured over 200GB of film and photography to capture BrixFest 2019 like no BrixFest has ever been captured before. 

Give it a watch and let us know what you think!

Emberlense Logo.png
Our main sponsors help make BrixFest possible


Brixham Cottages
Emberlense Logo.png

BrixFest 2019 - What a weekend!

Well, well, well - it’s over! BrixFest 2019 has finished and I think we can all agree it was the best yet.

Our official opening with Matt Rogan was fantastic, followed by some very tasty food prepared live on-stage by local chefs. Live music ramped up and Harbour almost blew the roof off the Old Fish Market, before our Grand Firework Display lit up the clear night sky. The Manor Inn we’re crowned champions at Dragonboat Challenge day for the second year running, and kid’s day today was very well attended. What a weekend.

Of course we need to say thank you to all of our sponsors, volunteers, stall holders, generous donors, supporters and our committee members too. Logos may be splashed on the website and photographs, and shout-outs on the PA may be plentiful: but we can never repay you for the belief you show in our festival and in our ethos which is of course to celebrate beautiful Brixham.

It’s only fitting that we mention Sophie Bower - who’s been on the committee for 7 of the 8 festival years so far and has just been a part of her last festival weekend with us (for a year or two! 😉). Sophie has been secretary, vice chairman, chairman, and everything in between. Thanks Sophie and good luck. Thanks also to long-suffering James who has so often been the van driver (and more) to her organiser.

So with the festival over, we turn our attention to 2020 - which will be the NINTH year of the festival, quite something.

If you’d like to find out more about getting involved in the festival either as a sponsor or committee member next year email us:

Thank you everyone for your everlasting support. See you 23-25 May 2020!

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